OCD Educational Lunch Hour

Presented by: Karen Hebert, Ph.D.

The Hudson Valley Center for Cognitive Therapy (HVCCT) is pleased to host an educational lunch hour for spouses, partners, parents, family, or friends of people who have been diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).  OCD can be difficult for loved ones to understand and even more challenging to know how to help.  As one of the most commonly misunderstood disorders, OCD can be quite complicated and can manifest in different ways.  This educational meeting is intended to offer information so that loved ones can provide the kind of support that is integral to successful OCD treatment.

This lunch hour will provide participants with a thorough overview of OCD including:

  • Symptoms 
  • Treatment
  • How to Better Understand OCD
  • How Family and Friends Can Help

As well as

  • Time for Questions and Answers


DATE:             Will recur the first Monday of each month

TIME:             12:30pm to 1:30pm

WHERE:         Virtual Zoom Meeting

FEE:                $100 to be paid upon registration for the group

*Participants must be 18+ years to register for the event.

About The Presenter

Facilitating the lunch hour will be Karen Hebert, Ph.D.  Dr. Hebert is a Clinical Psychologist specializing in the treatment of OCD and Anxiety Disorders.  She earned her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Maine and completed her postdoctoral fellowship through Brown University School of Medicine. She has worked at the HVCCT for over 13 years during which time she has been committed to helping people diagnosed with OCD and their families.  Her patients have routinely commented on the ways in which their families do not quite understand their OCD or how to best help them.


Payment is due at the time of registration. After registration, please make payment via Zelle (to “ziegler@hvcct.com”) or Venmo (to “HVCCT”). If you must cancel, your registration fee will be applied to the next available OCD Educational Lunch Hour meeting.

OCD Lunch Hour Registration
4 + 3 =

For more information about the educational lunch hour or to inquire about registration, please be in touch with Dr. Christine Ziegler at (845) 353-3399 ext. 12 or ziegler@hvcct.com

The Hudson Valley Center for Cognitive Therapy (HVCCT) is conducting the “OCD Educational Lunch Hour” for informational and educational purposes only.  All health and health-related information contained within this seminar is intended to be educational in nature and should not be used as a substitute for a visit with a health care professional for help, diagnosis, guidance, and treatment. Your health care provider should be consulted regarding matters concerning the mental health, treatment, and particular needs of you and your family member/friend.

The receipt of the material provided is not intended to create nor does it constitute a therapist-patient relationship.  In addition, participation of the attendee in the seminar does not represent a therapist-patient relationship with Dr. Karen Hebert or with the HVCCT.