Video Conferencing Instructions

We are excited to share the expanded teletherapy services we are offering at the HVCCT. Using teletherapy you can receive therapy services from the comfort and safety of your home. Studies have consistently demonstrated the efficacy of teletherapy and its utility for patients.

We offer the following teletherapy options:

  • Videoconferencing (Click here for instructions for video platform
  • FaceTime
  • Telephone

The majority of insurance companies reimburse for teletherapy sessions in the same way that they would for face to face meetings. However, we strongly recommend that patients verify this information with their individual carriers.

A consent form that outlines the risks and benefits of teletherapy should be signed and sent back to your therapist. Please let us know if you have any questions about this form.

Helpful Tips for Using Teletherapy

  • Log into the platform about 10 minutes early in case you encounter any technical difficulties
  • Be sure that you are in a secure, quiet place when you have your session
  • Consider using headphones to increase privacy and minimize background noise
  • Inform your therapist of your physical location at the time of the session
  • Devise a code word (if you wish) to share with your therapist if you feel the session has been compromised and you cannot speak freely.