Testing Services

Testing and Assessment

Psychoeducational/Psychological Testing

Our psychologists have expertise in evaluating the following:

  • Intellectual and cognitive functioning, including:
    • IQ testing
    • Memory
    • Attention, Concentration
    • Comprehension
    • Motor skills
    • Problem solving
    • Language and communication skills
    • Information processing speed
  • Learning aptitudes/learning disabilities
  • Academic skills
  • Personality and emotional development
  • Social skills
  • Learning environment and school climate
  • Eligibility for special education

Based on test results and other clinical information, areas of strength and weakness can be identified and used to construct an individualized treatment plan to help the client maximize his/her potential. Specific feedback is provided where interventions and strategies are recommended. We also assist in making referrals to other health care professionals, such as psychopharmacologists and neurologists as needed.

Giftedness Testing

A gifted child is one who demonstrates high intellectual, creative, or artistic achievement capability, and who need services and activities that may not be provided by the school in order to fully develop those capabilities. It is estimated that over 5% of the student population in the United States is academically gifted.

If you suspect your child may be gifted, consider having a conference with your child’s teachers to share your observations. A teacher or school counselor may recommend that you have your child tested, which may be required to make a change in the child’s educational placement or curriculum. Even if your school does not offer a specialized program for gifted students, the information obtained from testing can be very helpful in devising strategies for enrichment both in and out of school.

An evaluation for giftedness typically involves cognitive and achievement testing, as well as an interview with parents to obtain a full developmental history. After testing is complete, a feedback session is scheduled in which the evaluator will explain the results and offer recommendations for both home and school. These recommendations include specific information on how to stimulate and encourage the development of your child’s gifts and interests. Recommendations are also made regarding ways to offer appropriate educational enrichment both in and out of the school setting to help give your child the best chance of reaching his/her full potential.

For more information about our testing services, please contact Dr. Christine Ziegler at (845) 353-3399 x 12 or email info@hvcct.com.